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Marty Riske, Gubernatorial Candidate for ND

Fargo businessman Marty Riske has announced his candidacy for Governor of North Dakota. Riske, former State Chair of the Libertarian Party in North Dakota, is a first time candidate.

Citing widespread grassroots support and calls for him to run, Riske said, “With so many critical issues facing our state and the support of so many throughout North Dakota, I have decided to enter the race for governor of North Dakota.”

Also important to Riske was the issue of declining revenues and budget shortfalls in the coming years.  “I will fight to keep more of our tax dollars in North Dakota so those dollars may strengthen our schools, our infrastructure and our communities.”  Riske said, “As governor I will commission  independent auditors to examine each department  to compare mission to execution. Those departments and agencies that are underperforming will be shown to all of us and our legislators so that we can cut back to keep those performing well.”

Also, Riske said, “Government in N.D. has gotten way too big, and both D’s and R’s are to blame. It’s time to look beyond the establishment parties for leadership in our state.  As Governor, I would work to drastically shrink government and the spending that comes with it, along with restoring your personal liberties and freedom to live your life as you see fit.”

Riske is a native of Grafton. He received his B.A. in Journalism and English and his B.A. from the University of North Dakota. In 1971, he came back to North Dakota to found The Walrus which became a chain of waterbed and furniture stores in 6 North Dakota cities.  Next Riske opened Take 2 Video stores, Trim 7 which became M.J. Capelli Family Hair Salons, Take 2 Express with locations in 163 towns in the upper midwest, HomeCade Manitoba of Winnipeg, VidCycle and Gadget Garage.

Marty’s Website

Jack Seaman, Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives

Jack Seaman lives in Fargo and has lived in North Dakota for over 30 years.

He is a husband to wife Aubrey, father to kids Robbie and Marisa, and chief spoiler to dogs Gizmo and Daisy.

A small businessman, he owns and operates MinDak Gold Exchange which deals in precious metals buying and selling.

Jack’s interests include travel, a decent poker game, travel, singing, travel and being a fill in talk radio host from time to time. He also likes to travel.

In 2014, in his first run for any political office, Jack was the Libertarian Party candidate for U.S. House and was a huge breath of fresh air to the political landscape in North Dakota. From day one, his outgoing and honest style of “tell it like it is” politics made him a wanted guest on radio and TV programs statewide.

Jack also participated in all seven (yes, seven) debates that were held during the race and was widely considered by media members and voters around the state as the winner in each and every one. His race was the key in a historic showing on election day for the Libertarian Party, which earned full ballot access for 2016.

Jack’s Website

Robert Marquette, Candidate for U.S. Senate

Robert Marquette was born in Kansas City in 1959. In 1971, he moved with his family to Dallas, Texas where he lived until 2001. Mr. Marquette worked in the semiconductor industry during the 90’s for the Malcolm Baldrige Award winning company, ST Microelectronics, as a CVD Operator and Equipment Service Technician. In 2001, Robert moved to Baltimore, Maryland when he took a job with General Electric’s Consumer Services Division as a Field Service Technician. He transferred to Fort Myers, Florida in 2005 where he lived until coming to Fargo in 2012. Robert currently works as a Customer Service professional for a leading retail “big box” store.

Mr. Marquette has been active in father’s rights for two decades. He served on the Board of Directors for the Dallas Chapter of Fathers for Equal Rights (https://fathers4kids.com/) and worked as their webmaster and founding member of the National Father’s Resource Center. Robert was also a founding member of Parents and Abducted Children Together (http://pact-online.org/ now called Action Against Abduction) and actively lobbied Washington legislators on behalf of left-behind parents and children abducted to foreign countries.
Robert has three children Shawna, Benjamin and Rhea. Benjamin and Rhea live in Germany while Shawna lives in the Houston, Texas area.  He has five grandchildren Cyle, Brandi, Michelle, Rihawna and Isabella.  Michelle lives in Germany with her mother Rhea while his other grandchildren live in Texas.

 Robert’s Website

Eric Olson, Candidate for ND State Treasurer

Eric Olson, North Dakota, Libertarian, TreasurerEric Olson, Candidate for ND State Treasurer, is running as a sound money, technology oriented candidate. His goals as Treasurer are to facilitate total transparency of state transactions, establish a state gold reserve, and allow the state to accept payments in bitcoin.  He is also a driving force behind the Libertarian-backed bill to legalize marijuana use in North Dakota.

Eric’s Website

Tom Skadeland, Candidate for ND Public Service Commissioner

Tom Skadeland, North Dakota Public Service Commissioner Candidate, Libertarian PartyThomas Skadeland is a 27 year old from Portland, North Dakota.  He is a third generation Electrician and has worked in the family business in the Mayville-Portland area since he was 14 years old.  He also holds a B.S. in Education degree from Mayville State University where he double majored in Health and Physical Education, also receiving a D.A.P.E. (Developmental Adaptation for P.E.). As well as working full time in the family business, Tom occasionally does some substitute teaching in the Red River Valley. Tom also is co-editor of “The Dakota Homestead” blog.

Tom’s Website

Nick Bata, Candidate for ND Insurance Commissioner

Nick Bata is 28 years old living in Fargo, North Dakota. He is originally from Kensal, ND, where his family farm is. He also holds a B.S. in Physical Education and Excercise Science from Mayville State University where he played sports. Nick spent two years teaching in North Dakota Public Education. He currently works for a prestigious Drywall Company in the FM area specializing in drywall repair and custom application. Nick also is co-editor of “The Dakota Homestead” blog.

Nick’s Website

Roland Riemers, Candidate for ND State Auditor

Roland Riemers, State Audidtor, Libertarian, North DakotaRiemers believes that the state auditor “should not be part of the ruling political class.” As North Dakota’s State Auditor, he would require all audits to include suggestions on how agencies can become more efficient and reduce spending.  He would like to see the auditor’s office implement a hotline so employees and the public can report misuse of public funds.

Riemers ran for North Dakota Secretary of State as a Libertarian in 2014, earning 5.3% of the vote, and his efforts in the political arena are the reason the ND Libertarian Party exists today.

Roland’s Website