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Privatize the North Dakota Public Service Commission

*original posting found here* Introduction I have made my position clear that I would like to see the Public Service Commission phased out and essentially abolished. […]

LPND Response To Recent Controversy

*FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE* 10/17/2016   When I got a call at 7:55 am last Thursday from Nick Bata, our Insurance Commissioner candidate, I knew something was […]
Jack Seaman, U.S. House, Libertarian, North Dakota

Jack Seaman Dominates at House Debate

Jack Seaman, Libertarian Candidate for U.S. House, once again shows viewers why he is the common sense choice for ND U.S. House
Tom Skadeland, Libertarian, North Dakota, Public Service Commission

Tom Skadeland Brings Much-Needed Perspective to ND Service Commission Debate

Tom Skadeland reminded viewers of the role of government in this ND Service Commission Debate hosted by Prairie Public
Nick Bata, Libertarian, North Dakota, Insurance, Commissioner

Nick Bata Impresses at Insurance Commissioner Debate

Nick Bata, Libertarian Candidate for Insurance Commissioner, spoke about the real problems facing the insurance industry in this debate hosted by Prairie Public.

DAPL Court Decision Renews Need For Mutual Respect of Each Other And The Law

Fargo, N.D. – The Libertarian Party of North Dakota has issued the following statement in response to today’s ruling in federal court denying the Standing Rock Sioux […]

Robert Marquette Appears on KVRR at John Hoeven SCOTUS Protest

Yesterday a series of protests were held in Bismarck and Fargo in order to demand that Senator John Hoeven vote on the nomination of Merrick Garland […]

LPND U.S. House Candidate Jack Seaman Statement On Brussels Terror Attacks

For Immediate Release 3/22/16   LPND U.S. House Candidate Jack Seaman Statement On Brussels Terror Attacks Today our collective thoughts and prayers go out to the […]

Libertarian Nick Bata Launches 2016 Campaign For Insurance Commissioner

Continuing what has been a stunning year for interest in the North Dakota Libertarian Party, yet another candidate for state office rises off the couch and […]

It’s Always Funny in North Dakota

Last week, Kevin Cramer appeared on 6:30 POV with Chris Berg, and was asked what he thought about running heads up against Libertarian, Jack Seaman.  Kevin’s […]